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2013 Pyrethrum Harvest

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Despite the vagaries of the weather, terrible bushfires and floods, the Australian pyrethrum harvest has proceeded smoothly and crops throughout Tasmania and at Ballarat in Victoria have been successfully harvested using an army of 36 harvesters often working around the clock. Crops have been brought in from the fields and the next stages of  pelletising, extraction and refining are well underway. 
Prior to harvest, the fields of pyrethrum in north west Tasmania were spectacular, providing vistas of snowy white amongst the purple haze of the poppy fields and the bright green vegetables. Before the harvesters were sent to do their job, opportunity was taken to line them up in the grounds of Botanical Resources Pty Ltd at Ulverstone, with many of the staff grouped in front. This was a repeat of the photo taken back in 2000, when there were a total of 26 harvesters to harvest the Tasmanian crop.



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The Australian Pyrethrum Industry

Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd (BRA) is the Australian grower of over 60 % of the world’s pyrethrum, the botanical insecticide, and runs the most high-tech pyrethrum industry in the world. Whilst the majority of the production is sourced from the fertile soils of Australia’s island state, Tasmania, from 2011, a portion of the production will be sourced from Ballarat in Victoria. Victoria is the southernmost state on the mainland of Australia. The move to having a portion of our production in Victoria will provide the opportunity for rapid expansion of production in the future, if required, and will also diversify our seasonal production risk.  BRA contracts growers to cultivate in excess of 10,000 tonnes of pyrethrum flowers a year. The product is extracted and refined in BRA’s state-of-the-art plants and formulated to exacting conditions to be used in pyrethrum-based insecticide products for the world market.




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